Victorian Plaster Ceiling

Victorian Plaster Ceiling 22

Victorian Centre Flower & Sunken Panel ceiling

Client: Private Client

Category: Projects

Location: Glasgow

Following a severe fire to a Victorian property in Glasgow, we were appointed to strip out the existing sand and lime ceiling, all plaster mouldings and cornice and then to reinstate as original.

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Our remit on this job was to gather as many samples of ornamentation and plaster profiles as possible, record the dimensions and layout of the plaster panels and to then strip out the existing sand/lime plaster and cornice from the ceiling of this large public room in a property situated in the Park area of Glasgow then reinstate all exactly as original.

Our craftsmen stripped out all of the sand and lime mortar from the lath ceiling, we then applied a fungicidal solution to all the exposed timbers as a precautionary measure.

The ceiling was clad in plasterboard and plastered to the original ceiling lines including the circular and curved plastered coffered sections, we then lined out the ceiling and prepared the new surface for fitting new plaster mouldings and cornicing.

Back at our work shop we restored and formed moulds to reproduce all of the plaster detailing required for the job. During this process we removed over one hundred years of paint and lime wash from the enriched sections, we carry out this process in order to get a clean original section from which we can form moulds. Usually and in this case it did, present the customer with a far superior finished job than the original ceiling prior to the fire.

On site our craftsmen fitted all of the plaster cornice and mouldings to the original layout, all casts were then fitted and joined by hand using traditional plaster methods.

This particular job took slightly longer than some ceilings of the same size due to the curved and circular sections and the sunken panel detailing. From start to finish we stripped, plastered, manufactured and fitted all of the plaster mouldings to this ceiling within 21 days.